Applications Received at EMSA for +EMS Funding to Implement SAFR Model

March 14, 2019

The deadline for initial submission of funding requests to implement the +EMS Model for SAFR functionality was March 13.  Six (6) Proposals were received by EMSA requesting $18,025,335 from applicants representing 16 LEMSAs. Many of the applications were from Regional Health Information Organizations that will do the majority of the work to connect EMS ambulance providers with hospitals that will improve transitions of care. Impressively, the local EMS agencies included those from Northern, Central, and Southern California and represent participation by almost 50% of the LEMSAs.

Grant Funding Opportunity for HITEMS Proposals Received

APPLICANT AGENCY              AMOUNT REQUESTED           # LEMSAs        

1          San Mateo County EMS        $1,705,220                                1

2          SacValley Med Share             $3,981,425                               2

3          Manifest Medex                       $5,928838                                6

4          OCPRHIO                                    $2,719,541                              5

5          San Diego Health Connect    $1,497,470                               1

6          Los Angeles County EMS        $2,192,841                              1

            TOTAL REQUESTED                $18,025,335                             16       

EMSA is in the process of evaluating these proposals. As you know, approximately $8 million was dedicated to the initial round of +EMS funding as a result of CARESTAR Foundation funding. However, EMSA will be evaluating additional match opportunities to be able to increase the available money for completing these projects.

During the evaluation process, EMSA will likely reach out to the applicants for clarification or additional information. EMSA may also seek to obtain clarification if certain economies of scale can be achieved through cooperation with vendors, providers, or other strategies to ensure that funds are used effectively and are consistent with Federal funding guidelines.

As indicated in the GFO, EMSA hopes to provide a Notice of Intent to Award no later than April 15, 2019.


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