Governor Brown Approves Three Pivotal Bills for the Growth of HIE in EMS

This legislative session Governor Jerry Brown signed three bills into law that will aid EMSAs efforts to advance health information exchange (HIE) statewide during a disaster and regionally in daily emergency medical services (EMS).

Assembly Bill 503 (Rodriguez) would permit a hospital to release patient-identifiable medical information to an emergency medical services (EMS) provider, to the local EMS agency, or to EMSA, for quality assessment and improvement purposes. The collection and exchange of prehospital and hospital patient outcome data plays an integral function to implementing EMSA’s PULSE +EMS framework. At the regional and local level, this bill will assist EMSA to ensure quality patient care by assessing the effectiveness of emergency medical service.

Assembly Bill 1129 (Burke) requires an emergency medical care provider to, when collecting and submitting data to a local EMS agency (LEMSA), use an electronic health record system that exports data in a format that is compliant with the current versions of the California Emergency Medical Services Information System (CEMSIS) and the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS) standards. With data being collected and submitted in a CEMSIS and NEMSIS compliant format, EMSA will help to ensure the continuation of consistency and quality of data at the statewide level. More importantly the first step towards HIE readiness; EMS providers in California will be required to use an electronic Personal Care Record (ePCR).

Senate Bill 19 (Wolk) requires EMSA to establish the California Physicians Order for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) eRegistry Pilot to collect POLST information and disseminate it to authorized users. Once the PULSE+EMS System and the POLST eRegistry are developed, EMS providers in the field will be able to immediately find a patient’s advance directives and provide the desired level of care.

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